Florida (cont'd)


Bob helped me get into my harness and walked me over to my launch area. I had been asked to launch after the Fantasy of Flight balloon, which was the "hare" balloon that the other balloons would be following in the "hare and hounds" competition.







The Fantasy of Flight balloon lifted off and moved off at a good clip to the southeast.































My crew released me, and my balloons lifted me smoothly into the sky.




I drifted away from the blossoming colors of the hot-air balloons and the people with their giant morning shadows. I floated past our quonset hut, and rising, I began to see the surrounding lakes.


I flew toward the sunrise, and cast a dancing shadow on the sky.




A few swirls of mist were adrift above Little Lake Agnes. I crossed the interstate, rising.



Fantasy of Flight; Lake Agnes and Little Lake Agnes