Florida (cont'd)


I floated south-south-east from Fantasy of Flight toward the city of Auburndale. The view of the lakes was marvelous, and became even more so as my balloons carried me up to around 3,000 feet.


Lake Juliana and Lake Arietta


Fantasy of Flight balloon




Hot-air Balloons drift south between Lake Juliana and Lake Mattie





Crossing Lake Van



Up at 3,000 feet, GPS said I was doing less than 10 mph, but down low, the hot-air balloons seemed to be crossing Lake Van with a fair amount of speed. I was a bit concerned, because I was planning to fly on for a while and was hoping that surface winds for landing would stay moderate. However, when some of the hot-air balloons landed on the shore, they did so with a minimum of bumping and dragging, so conditions down on the ground still seemed to be reasonable.

In any case, I was getting to see a good piece of Polk County. It was better than being becalmed over a swamp full of alligators.



Lake Ariana


Auburndale, FL; over Lake Jessie



Past Winter Haven Airport