Vermont (cont'd)



Tempted by the wondrous day

I overstay

Flying deeper into woods

Until air loses its morning cool

And thermal winds rule.







Tossed about

I light in a tree

Grumpy bird

And drop the rope

To waiting crew:

Chastened, still student

Of all this magic.





Bethany Seeger


But bound again gladly

For luminous dawn,

To suspend disbelief

Under color and light,






Drifting high into wonder

Over picture book country

Across the covered bridge

Among green hills.



Bethany Seeger


Celebration XLVI

Crew Chief: Roland Escher

Special Thanks to: Quechee Balloon Festival (Bill Whidden, Balloonmeister); Merriam-Graves Corporation

Crew: "Crazy" George Hertlein, Peter Kagey, Gary and Carol Weed, Dick and Marybeth Young

Photography: Bethany Seeger, Tom Andrews, David Tanzer, Roland Escher, Marybeth Young, John Ninomiya



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