But I knew if I flew on as far as winds let me

Pink Hat might doze off, not come out and get me.

So I cut some ropes loose, let a bit of cloud go

And started back down to the earth far below.






At a four-hundred feet I uncapped the spout

And dropped water to lighten and level me out,

And dropping more to stay steady, with a judicious hand:

A raincloud adrift o'er the Nevada land.







Then I spied a good place for my adventure to end in

And cut some more cloud off, and started descending

I floated down gently and landed at the spot

Where Pink Hat was waiting, in the school parking lot.







We rode out of Elko, Pink Hat and I,

Where the Ruby peaks reach from the sage to the sky.

My itch for cloud-riding was scratched, for a day,

Till the next place where I could get carried away.

"Pink Hat," I says, "just how can it be

"That the thing in the world that feels most free

"Has me driving for days, crisscrossing the nation,

"For an hour of cumulo-emancipation?

"Freedom is slavery", said my old friend,

Quoting from Orwell -- or possibly Zen,

"Getting it's dangerous and always a chore,

"And when you've had it, you can't do without it no more."





Crew Chief: Ernie Hartt

Principal Crew: Don and Liz Morgan, Barry and Jan Varischetti, Justin Varischetti, Boy Scout Troop 85 (Spring Creek Baptist Church), Boy Scout Troop 820 (LDS Church, Meadow Valley Ward)

Special Thanks to: Elko Chamber of Commerce, Neil McQueary, Elko Convention and Visitor's Authority

Photography: Jeffry Mullins (Elko Daily Free Press), Sweet Light Photography, Ernie Hartt, Don Morgan, Jan Varischetti, Eldon Foster, Nancy Berto, John Ninomiya










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