Coalinga (cont'd)


My balloon bouquet is shining in the sun.  It's amazing to be attached to something so huge and colorful.


Ninomi-R4-15 Balloons Above.jpg (31935 bytes)

ballooning#11 Flight #2b.jpg (12408 bytes)
(c) Louie Psihoyos


ballooning#13 Flight #3.jpg (6922 bytes)
(c) Louie Psihoyos


The haze begins to clear a bit down below.  I drift along, admiring the view.


ballooning#05 Flight #4.jpg (30369 bytes)
(c) Louie Psihoyos


One of the hot-air balloons comes in for a closer look at me.


Ninomi-R4-02 Descent #4.jpg (23156 bytes)

Ninomi-R3-01A Descent #2.jpg (11376 bytes) Ninomi-R4-03 Descent #3.jpg (17151 bytes)


Up at altitude, I've been heading west toward the foothills.  I start down to catch the eastbound wind that will take me back toward Coalinga.

ballooning#08 Descent #5.jpg (18068 bytes)
(c) Louie Psihoyos


ballooning#02 Flight #9.jpg (17091 bytes)
(c) Louie Psihoyos

I float over fields and farm buildings.



Ninomi-R2-11 Landing #1.jpg (7813 bytes)


Drifting down into a large, empty field for landing...

Ninomi-R2-12 Landing #2.jpg (7732 bytes)


Ninomi-R4-9A_1 Landing Straight.jpg (30258 bytes)

I release a little of my water ballast to touch down gently on my feet...


And my crew comes to lead me away.

Ninomi-R4-3A Landing #4.jpg (16830 bytes)


Celebration XII

Crew Chief: Ernie HarttErnie's Hat Reversed Revised.gif (1112 bytes)
Chase Balloon Pilots: Jenny Wolf, Jane Jennings
Crew: Tim Braly, Tony Braly, Alan Brandt, Joe Calabrette, Ricky Clement, Steve Ellis, Katy Griggs, Vern Hodapp, Jay Jennings, "Magic" Bob Locklin, Jeffrey Morse, Ray Morse, George Osner, Mark Otto, Dagny Sprouse, Tom Wheeler --  let me know if I missed your name, it was dark!

Photography: Tim Braly, Ricky Clement, Ray Morse, John Ninomiya, Louie Psihoyos


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