Blueberry Festival (Cont'd)


There were cheers from the spectators as I took off.





I launched with balloons attached to my hands, legs and feet. It keeps some of the balloons down low where I can easliy access them to burst or release, but the main reason for doing it is just to enjoy the wonderful, buoyant sensation of being pulled into the sky.




I drifted off to the west with the other balloons, over the park where the Blueberry Festival was held and out over the outskirts of Plymouth.






Most of the other balloons landed not far from town, but I flew on through the hazy evening sky, crossing US 30 and heading into farm country.



I landed at sunset, seven or eight miles away in the backyard of a house, out among the corn and bean fields. As it turned out, the house belonged to a friend of Cecil, one of the balloon festival volunteers who had joined Larry in my chase vehicle.

We let some neighbors go up on tether and gave balloons to some kids. It was dark and the mosquitos were biting when we finished loading my gear into the truck and headed back to Plymouth.



Celebration XXIV

Crew Chief: Larry Vandenberg
Principal Crew: Cecil Ottow, Jim Kunze, Renate Kunze, Brian Kunze, Ron Hodges
Special Thanks to: Jeff and Lenore Jones, Marshall County Hot-Air Affair, Marshall County Blueberry Festival, inflation crew volunteers
Photography: Bill Oliver, Terry Spence, Larry Vandenberg, John Ninomiya


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